Customer Partnership

Customer Partnership

Telewest is committed to providing the highest level of partner satisfaction!

Our Services

We offer the most advanced, integrated inmate communications solution customized to your specific inmate calling needs.

Inmate Phones and Web Calling System
Telewest provides all inmate phones and equipment updated and replaced with new technology. Additional phones needed in booking, day rooms, mobile phones etc. will also be provided at no cost.
Web Based Graphical User Interface
Simple, easy to use, icon driven system that allows secure user access from any computer with internet access. Investigators can work off site, listen to calls and simultaneously burn 50 recordings at once saving time and resources for jail staff. Onsite training provided as well as “Anytime Web Tutorials” to support facilities with staff turnover.
Web Based Live Monitoring/Recording
Calls, voicemails, and visitations are recorded and saved and are accessible from any computer with internet access. Calls and visitations can be listened to LIVE through any internet terminal or remotely on an investigator’s/officer cell phone. Unlimited security watches can be set up to notify or remotely call an officer or agency instantly to monitor an inmate, selected phone, called number, or combination.
Optional Kiosks for hands free money loads
Lobby and optional booking kiosks allow for self service money loads and ordering for Commissary, Phone Time, Bail, Fines, Parking Tickets, and more. Seamless integration between Inmate Phones, Commissary, Jail Management and Accounting.
Voice Print Biometrics
Voice print matching utilizes cutting edge technology to match the sound of a voice with the inmate’s PIN required to connect a call and ensure recordings are accurate to the inmate.
Voice over IP (VOIP)
No phone lines, hard drives or recorders are onsite. The only equipment on site besides phones is a simple VOIP box with no moving parts. Multiple T-1 lines will power your facility and calls can be rerouted to multiple locations in the case of an outage.
Personal identification numbers are system generated for the inmates and are required for any call or visitation communications. This allows investigators and staff immediate access to an inmate’s recorded communications and allows for restricted calling privileges by individual.
Patented 3-Way Call detection
We own the patent for the most effective digital 3-way call detection in the industry. This blocks, allows or allows and flags calls for investigators to solve cases, prevent/confirm restraining order violations and increase facility income.
Geographical Satellite Mapping
Unique to Telewest, instant reverse look up for inmate called numbers delivers called party name, address, phone, and detailed satellite images of the called household and surrounding area. This feature is a favorite of investigators.
InTouch Hotline
Unique to Telewest, a speed dial for inmates to our customers service with less than 45 second hold times, allows them to resolve billing, connection or other call issues, and even report broken phones. Your new response to phone complaints will be “Go call 511.”
Easy Restrict/Allow
Restrict or allow a called number in less than 45 seconds with only 4 clicks of a mouse. Comply to restraining orders, keep inmates from calling jail personnel, set up free calls, and prevent recording attorney client communications. Telewest will pre-populate the system with all your existing restricted numbers.
Advanced Playback
Unique to Telewest, visual playback for recordings, on screen, that allow for markers and notes or foot pedal transcriptions. Proprietary visual player, markers and notes are burned and printed for easy investigative submission.
Optional JMS Integration
Custome integration with Jail Management Software will upload an inmate’s name, PIN, and relative information to the Commander Nexus to activate the inmates PIN and calling privileges. This integration fully automates the booking and release procedures for the phones.
Call Validation
In less that 3 seconds the system validates inmate collect calls through a national database to determine bad debt, new line, phone type etc. Should the called number not be validated they will be granted a one time FREE CALL for less than a minute to provide an opportunity to set up future payments and calling.
Keyword/Phrase Searching
Optional Nexidia keyword and phrase searching allows the system to automatically probe all communications in the jail 24/7 for key words or phrases of concern.
Simple, Powerful, Control
Multiple users with simultaneous tasks will not diminished performance of the system. Prompts are in 10 different languages and the system easily controls call length and service times of the phones.
Smart Help
Click help and get targeting specific information on the task at hand rather than a search bar or exhaustive manual or index. Find what you need now to execute tasks more effectively and prevent procrastination or unnecessary delegation. Along with our “Anytime Web Tutorials” this system is the most powerful and user friendly platform in the industry.
Optional Video Visitation Kiosks
Enclosures providing onsite and remote video visitation, saving time, increasing security and creating additional revenue are available upon request. Live monitoring and recording of visits with phone system integration allowing one interface for all systems.
Real-Time Updates
New features and technology improvements are available monthly. No waiting for contract renewals to get what is new. We continually earn your business rather than wine and dine at contract time.
Payment Options
Money loads available at Optional Jail Kiosks, through live operators with 45 second or less guaranteed hold times, or at any of 400,000 convenient physical locations around the world.
1. Debit Card/Calling Card Printing— Inmates purchase cards from jail staff or commissary to make calls to any phone type. We discount these call rates 25-30% providing a value to families and inmates and maximizing call volume for facilities. Cards can be printed in any amount or denomination on any basic printer in the jail (no bulk ordering, tax, or shipping necessary).
2. PIN Debit Account—This is handled with a live customer service rep or integration is available with your existing commissary account to debit phone billing from the inmate’s existing trust account. This completely eliminates the need for phone cards in the facility. We discount this call rates up to 25-30%.
3. Prepaid Collect—Accounts are set up through our customer services available 24/7/365 with less than 30 second hold times. This allows calls to cell phones, internet phones, new lines and prevents unnecessary calls and questions to the facility staff.
4. Collect— Standard collect calls with instant validation.